Swiss association
for responsible

About us


The Swiss Association for Responsible Investments (SVVK - ASIR) was founded in December 2015 by a group of major institutional investors.

The association aims to provide services to its members that enable them to holistically act responsibly towards the environment, the economy and society through their investment decisions.

The association offers the following services to its members

  • Foundation
    Develops specific rules to implement the most objective criteria possible (normative basis)

  • Screening und Monitoring
    Screens and monitors member portfolios on the basis of the normative criteria

  • Dialogue
    Initiates dialogue with companies to determine any systematic violations of the normative criteria

  • Exclusion recommendations
    Provides counsel on the process of excluding companies with which the dialogue was unsuccessful, or whose business model violates the normative criteria

  • Communication
    Assumes individual communication tasks for members


Board of Directors

  • Philippe Bonvin

    Mobiliar, Head Investments

  • Manuela Guillebeau

    comPlan, Asset Management

  • Dominik Irniger

    Pension Fund SBB, Head Asset Management

  • Frank Juliano (President)

    compenswiss, Head Asset Management

  • Marcel Metry

    BVK, Deputy Head Asset Management

  • Adrian Ryser

    Migros Pension Fund, Head Asset Management

  • Patrick Uelfeti

    PUBLICA, Deputy Head Asset Management

Executive Management

  • Tamara Hardegger

    Managing Director

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