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5. February 2019

Following a successful financial year, SVVK-ASIR, publishes its Engagement Report 2018

The Swiss Association for Responsible Investment (SVVK-ASIR) completes another successful business year and publishes its first Engagement Report for 2018. After its founding in December 2015, the SVVK-ASIR looks back on a fruitful start-up phase, noting the first achievements of its engagement approach.

The SVVK-ASIR has published its first Engagement Report for the financial year 2018. With the release of the report and the successful completion of its first engagements, the SVVK-ASIR ends its development phase. The Association has established a normative basis founded on a democratic consensus and has established comprehensive services for its members in the area of ESG. Today, the SVVK-ASIR offers company screening, recommendations for exclusion and, most importantly, a structured engagement process. In addition, two large, well-known investors – Migros Pension Fund and Mobiliar – joined the membership base in 2018. Talks with other interested members were initiated.

Managing Director, Jacqueline Oh, will leave the SVVK-ASIR in June 2019 to pursue other career interests. "Now that the key development goals have been achieved, it's time for a change of leadership," explains Jacqueline Oh. The SVVK-ASIR highly appreciates Oh’s contribution and thanks her for the great effort she put forth over the last three years in building up the Association to what it is today. The board will announce a successor in due course.

After building up a strong foundation, the SVVK-ASIR will continue using the existing processes and experiences, focusing on screening and engagement for the benefit of its members, and actively contributing to global initiatives to combat poverty, child labor and climate change.

14. December 2017

SVVK-ASIR approves two additional members

The Swiss Association for Responsible Investments, SVVK-ASIR, has taken on two more institutions: Mobiliar and the Migros Pension Fund. An admission of further members is being considered.

Effective January 1, 2018, two additional institutions, Mobiliar and the Migros Pension Fund, will join the Swiss Association for Responsible Investments, SVVK-ASIR.

Both the cooperative organization Mobiliar Versicherung and the Migros Pension Fund have a strong relationship with the Swiss population and represent a substantial share of it. The two institutes share the normative basis defined by the SVVK-ASIR, which is based on the Federal Constitution, on Swiss laws and ordinances as well as on the international conventions ratified by Switzerland.

With more than 5,000 employees at 160 locations in Switzerland, Mobiliar insures every third Swiss household and manages assets of about 21 billion Swiss francs.

The Migros Pension Fund manages assets of over 23 billion Swiss francs for more than 80,000 beneficiaries. With more than 100,000 employees, Migros is the largest private employer in Switzerland at more than 600 locations.

The Swiss Association for Responsible Investments, SVVK-ASIR, was founded in December 2015 by renowned institutional investors. Its purpose is to assist members in the implementation of their responsible investment strategy. Thanks to the careful admission of new members, the SVVK-ASIR association can perform its services even more efficiently for its members.

The founding members of the SVVK-ASIR include: BVK Pension Plan of the Canton of Zurich, compenswiss (AHV/IV/EO Compensation Fund), comPlan, Pensionskasse Post, SBB Pension Fund, PUBLICA Pension Fund and Suva.

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